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Our restaurant is located in Kyiv right in the city center. Coming to us, you will be able to enjoy the traditional Ukrainian cuisine. There are plenty of delicious and healthy dishes in its assortment. We have brought together the dishes of different Ukrainian regions. Here you can order borsch with pampushkas, saltwort, fish soup, lard, variety of pickled vegetables, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage rolls, dumplings, sausages, roast, mazuriki, benderiki, pancakes, meat and fish dishes. In our menu you will definitely find both food and drinks for any taste of the most demanding guests.


The working hours of our restaurant are: from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. And it means that you can visit us during the lunch break and have a rest from work in a pleasant atmosphere. In the evening, you can spend time here both with your date and with a noisy group of friends.


From 12 to 15 o'clock we arrange business lunches. The price is about 66-85 UAH. The calm atmosphere at this time lets you enjoy a cup of coffee, and even work a bit on the Internet - there is a wi-fi coverage. You'll be able to spend your time with pleasure and benefit.


If you are going to celebrate any special event or your birthday, you can order banquets. When you decide on the choice of dishes and the way you'd like the event to be organized - please call us. Ourtel. (044) 279-61-93.


You can make a payment both in cash and with credit card. For our regular guests there is great news. In our restaurant, you'll be able to get a discount card of 10 to 20%.


At the "Budmo!" restaurant, you will have a rest in a cozy atmosphere and taste Ukrainian national cuisine. Do not refuse yourself in such a pleasure. There are two big rooms in the restaurant and you can choose where to spend your free time.


Believe us, your time will not be wasted,
and the stomach will be pampered with delicacy - it is a good thing!